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CEO Chris McGlashan shows off Core Skis range that Eastern US Ski Jumps held in Connecticut.

Core Skis embody top quality, custom made skis incorporating technological advancements, exclusivity, incorporating lifestyle and riding features without compromise. The distinctive feature of all Core Skis is the handmade quality and design precision.


  • Custom made by experts for the hard core skier.


  • Designed in Klosters, Switzerland and manufactured in northern Italy in a small factory where they are all milled by hand with the great passion and know-how  gained from decades of experience in the Ski World Cup and success in the manufacturing of Swiss skis.


  • For each single component to our skis, there is no compromise;only the best materials are used.


  • All Core Skis are custom made using our proprietary technology.


  • Less hyperbole, more technical know how.


  • Sustainability is an essential part of the approach of the Core brand.


  • Unlike many other ski manufacturers, Core Skis only make a limited range of tailor made skis.

Core Skis are quick to react to a skier’s needs in a variety of mountain conditions...


The main feature of all Core Skis is their superb riding experience. Our customized product provides the most incredible running smoothness, responsiveness and the perfect stability, whether you are a skier who likes the chutes, the powder, the glades or the groomers.


The “wobbling” or “planing” typical of conventional skis is reduced to the minimum.


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